Neb Motion

Neb Motion is a DJ, record producer and 3D visual artist from West London UK. He has worked on tour visuals for artists and DJ’s around the world including Burna Boy.

He’s not much of a talker so needs help with a bio

Ninja Demos

A meticulously curated compilation featuring a selection of my unreleased creations, aligned with the artistic ethos of the renowned Ninja Tune label. Nurtured by the influences of musical pioneers like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Burial, Bonobo, Four Tet, and Amon Tobin, these compositions embody a captivating blend of evocative soundscapes and interesting rhythms.


Ruislip Acid

Drawing inspiration from Aphex Twin, this track features dynamic 808 glitch rhythms, powerful basslines, and vibrant TB3 synth elements. The addition of field recordings from the urban subway adds an authentic touch. Experience a blend of electronic innovation that takes you on a unique sonic adventure.

Artwork Pending


A club track that evokes an eerie yet intriguing atmosphere, reminiscent of an otherworldly experience. The track entwines a driving club beat, creepy ambient bells and squeaks, with a distinctive bassline to create a composition that channels the essence of underground UK sounds with a new flair. It invites you to explore the fine line between the unsettling and the enjoyable, painting a sonic landscape that captures both curiosity and excitement.

Artwork Pending


An emotive composition delving into the intricate tapestry of life, death, love, and the profound experience of grief. This composition seeks to encapsulate a poignant sentiment that eventually touches every individual’s journey. To navigate existence without encountering this deep emotion would be to lead a life devoid of its most heartfelt aspects.

Through melodic storytelling, the song invites listeners to explore the bittersweet beauty inherent in sorrow, recognizing it as an essential thread woven into the fabric of a life truly and passionately lived.




A tribute to the London Grenfell Fire tragedy, a profound moment etched in our collective memory. This track, with its sombre piano melodies and crafted sonic elements, serves as a solemn reminder of the significance of remembrance and accountability. It honors the lives lost and impacted, advocating for lasting change. Through its evocative composition, it stirs reflection on the tragedy’s enduring relevance, ensuring its lessons remain culturally pertinent. This musical homage aims to raise awareness, inspire dialogue, and prevent future tragedies. It embodies artistic responsibility, sustaining memory, fostering accountability, and amplifying voices that deserve to be heard. CONTAINS UNCLEARED SAMPLES

Artwork Pending


Floor 8

Experience an evocative journey through a concise ambient creation meticulously designed to evoke deep emotions. Guided by tonal keys, it weaves a haunting atmosphere with gentle pads, immersing you in its sonic realm. Adding an enigmatic touch, an ethereal entity recites poetry in an unfamiliar language, further enhancing the mystique and emotional resonance of the composition

Artwork Pending


304 v222

Dive into an unconventional musical journey that navigates eerie soundscapes, weaving through the realms of dreams, nightmares, and the subconscious. While rooted in experimentation, this track also invites movement, offering a danceable quality. Its intricate layers hold hidden details that might elude listeners during the initial encounter, enhancing the track’s allure with each subsequent listen.

Artwork Pending