Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the site. If your question has still not been answered then please contact me.

Q: How do I download your Free VJ Loops?

All of my Free VJ Loops are hosted on Vimeo, simply click on the free download link under the loop that you want. This will redirect you to Vimeo where you will be able to download your loop.

Please note: You will need to be on a desktop browser in order to download from Vimeo, unfortunately there is no way to download from Vimeo on a mobile device. I have requested Vimeo to include this feature, you can contact Vimeo support for more information.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

If you would like to unsubscribe to my newsletter simply open the last email I sent you and click on the unsubscribe link. This should be located in the footer of the email. I understand how annoying marketing emails can be so I won’t be offended!

Q: Can I use these loops in commercial projects?

Of course you can! All of my loops are released under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA license which means essentially you can do whatever you want with them, with no royalties due down the line. However, you cannot redistribute or resell the work as your own. I think this is a fair restriction.

While credit is not due it is greatly appreciated, feel free to tag me in any projects you are using these in as I would just love to see what they’re being used for 🙂 @nebmotion

More information on the Creative Commons license can be found here:


My precise terms can be found here:


Q: What is your Privacy Policy?

Details of my site’s Privacy Policy can be found here:



Q: How can I get in contact with you?

If you have any questions you can contact me here.



Q: Where can I find your licene agreements?

All of my license agreements can be found here:


Q: I have already signed up to your newsletter, how can I download my free loop packs?

There is no need to sign up again! All of my Free VJ Loop packs can be found here:


Q: What are video codecs?

VJ Loops are rendered in optimised codecs and containers for particular purposes.

H.264 is a great lossy codec, however it is best suited for streaming purposes such as social media posts and file transfer. It is not the best solution for tasks such as video editing and VJing. This is partly because the file is compressed so while you get a reduced file size you pay for it with reduced quality and potential artefacts. It also requires more processing power to decode which can be quite problematic when VJing, particularly if you are running lots of FX. More information on codecs can be found here: [show link to blog post explaining codecs]

VJ Loop Codecs Available

  • ProRes – best for video editing
  • HAP – best for VJing using VDMX
  • HAP Alpha – best for VJing using VDMX with transparent alpha channel
  • DXV 3 – best for VJing using Resolume
  • H264 – best for web streaming and delivery