Ben D. Hopkins

Neb Motion

Neb Motion is Ben D. Hopkins, a visual artist from West London, UK who creates a variety of digital artwork including Motion Graphics, VJ Loops and Music Videos.

His creative journey has led him to collaborate on concert visuals that have illuminated stages for prominent VJs, DJs, and internationally touring artists, with luminaries like Burna Boy among them.


Cinema 4D


Mograph animation made with voronoi fracture and field effectors in Cinema 4D.

The background is simply a metallic sphere with some animated displacement.

Inside the moon when the pieces fall aport you will see this gooey energy ball effect, I acheived this with some animated displacement on a glass sphere, inside the glass sphere we have an emmision material with a fresnel shader with black at the core, giving this interesting glow effect that shines through the glass with a deep black centre.

Pyjamas were modeled in Blender and textured in Substance Painter. 

Animation rendered with Redshift.

Vapor Head VHS

Mograph animation made with Displacer, Cloner and Instancing in Cinema 4D. 

The head was made in CC4, imported into C4D and remodeled to add wireframe, texturing was all done in C4D.

Animation rendered with Physical renderer.

VHS edit made with After Effects.

Vapor Head

I wanted to share the original render without the post processing, this is how it looked straight out of Cinema 4D.

Eye Opener

Mograph animation made with Cinema 4D. 

The model was created in CC4, sent to iClone 8 for facial animation which was then imported into Cinema 4D for lighting, composition and rendering using a three light setup.

I used a simple sphere with animations on the materials for the ball.

For the energy beam I used Matrix, Tracer and Emitter with forcefields to create the corkscrew effect, and a simply keyed an increase on the camera exposure and lens flare to create the washout effect.

This was rendered using Redshift.

AI Overlord

Mograph animation made with Cinema 4D. 

The head model was created in CC4, and brought into C4D for further editing. I added a metalic shander with a bump map and added wireframes across the topology of the head. I also created a simple emissive shader for the eyes.

The rest of the scene was built in Cinema 4D using animated displacement layering noise and gradient textures to shape the terrain.

This was rendered using Redshift.

Mirror Cube Dude

Mograph animation made with Cinema 4D. 

The model was created in CC4 and was then imported into Cinema 4D for posing.

The rest of the scene was built in Cinema 4D by simply applying highly reflective shader to a cube, the camera orbits around the subject within the mirrored cube and we have some vibrant coloured point lights scattered around the area.

This was rendered using Redshift.


Eye Glitchy Silhouette

Mograph animation made with Blender, After Effects, CC4, iClone and Stable Diffuson. 

The model was created in CC4 and was then sent to iClone for animating ad Blender for rendering.

I also created an animation of an eye blinking and looking around in Blender with a high focal length camera zoomed into the eye.

The eye animation was then fed into Stable Diffusion img2img to give it the notorious glitchy stop motion look you get from batch image generation. I imported the Stable Diffusion Eye exports into After Effects, along with the Alpha Channel Blender Render of the 3D model dancing. The footage was comped together and I applied further processing to the footage to give the eye some displacacement and glitches. I darkened the model dancing to give a sillhoute effect and layered the saber plugin over it for the white energy beam warping around the sillhouette.

Eye Pixelate

Same process as above however this does not include the 3D model dancing, just the Eye with some heavy processing in After Effects.

Dirty Secrets

I created a music video for the track “Dirty Secrets” initially intended as a live event backdrop. Although the project was disbanded, and technically unfinished I’ve decided to share it here with you.

The 3D models were crafted using CC4 and brought to life in iClone 8. I added  some more textures in Blender and built 3D scenes. All the 3D animations were  rendered in Blender.

I composited in After Effects and edited the video using Premiere.

Fractal Animations

Blender Renders