How To Make Mind Bending Infinite Tunnel Animations In Blender 2.9

In this 3D animation tutorial I will show how to make mind bending infinite tunnel animations in Blender 2.9.

This is one of those animations where if the viewer stares at the centre for long enough, once the viewer looks away from the screen the world around them will distort, similar to the effects of psychedelics.

The programme I am using to create this effect is called Blender which you can download it for free here:

I will be showing some basic techniques which you can then use for future animations, the goal is for you to experiment from what you’ve learnt rather than just copy. 🙂

These techniques are relatively simple and should help any beginner who is learning the basics of Blender animation.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Watch the Tutorial

Check Out the Render

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