An emotive composition delving into the intricate tapestry of life, death, love, and the profound experience of grief. This composition seeks to encapsulate a poignant sentiment that eventually touches every individual’s journey. To navigate existence without encountering this deep emotion would be to lead a life devoid of its most heartfelt aspects.

Through melodic storytelling, the song invites listeners to explore the bittersweet beauty inherent in sorrow, recognizing it as an essential thread woven into the fabric of a life truly and passionately lived.


I am enthusiastically working on a piece that is close to my heart. Leveraging a dynamic synergy between CGI and  hand drawn aesthtic, I am  fashioning a flipbook-style animation that serves as a visual representation of the music’s core themes; life, death, birth and love.

By seamlessly intertwining technology and artistry, I am shaping a sensory experience that will resonate deeply with viewers and enhance their connection to the music.  MAKE SURE YOU PAUSE THE MP3 PLAYER WHEN YOU PLAY THE VIDEO